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Homework is an essential part of a pupil's education.

Homework is issued in Saint Roch's Secondary to serve a number of purposes:

  • to involve pupils, parents and teachers in the learning process
  • to foster the habit of study and independent learning
  • to reinforce the lessons undertaken at school
  • to extend classroom work

All pupils receive  regular homework in all subjects.
The recommended minimum weekly time allocation for homework for each year group is:

  • First Year/Second Year          8 hours per week
  • Third Year/Fourth Year           10 hours per week
  • Fifth Year/Sixth Year                15 hours per week

Each pupil in Saint Roch's is issued with a homework/study planner.  It is very important that parents continually check and countersign their son or daughter's homework study planner each week.  Pupils will quickly realise that parents value homework and will play their part in encouraging their sons or daughters to complete homework carefully and accurately.

Should you at any time feel that homework is insufficient or perhaps excessive, please contact the appropriate member of the Pastoral Care Team or Year Group Head and the difficulty will be investigated thoroughly before contacting you for further discussion.