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School History

A Well Established Reputation

Saint Roch's Secondary School opened on 30 January 1928 as an Advanced Central School to take children from the ages of 11 upwards. Its initial role of 500 pupils grew rapidly and several annexes were required. The site of the main building was in the "Grove of Willows" (the Garngad), very close to the location of the ancient hospital dedicated to Saint Roch, whose work for plague victims in northern Italy in the late 14th century had gained him a firm place as patron of the sick. The dedication of the new school to his patronage was therefore a continuation of Glasgow's interest in the Saint and unique among secondary schools in Scotland.

Saint Roch's pupils have gone all over the city, the country and the world. Many have entered the religious life, becoming priests, nuns and brothers. Many others have taken university degrees and entered the professions.

Saint Roch's has also encouraged pupils to develop their talents for extracurricuar activities in sport and recreation and can boast of football internationalists and national chess champions.

Saint Roch's has always tried to apply Christian love to any needy cause at home and abroad and this tradition is even more evident in the school today, with care for local and international charities given a prominent place in our task of preaching the Good News.

Saint Roch's is a vibrant, caring school which has held a warm and vital place in the community for over 80 years.

Long may it continue to do so!