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At Saint Roch's dress is considered an important part of the school ethos and discipline.

We believe our uniform plays a vital role in helping to build a common sense of identity, unity and purpose. Our pupils are readily identifiable and as such they should be, in the best sense, ambassadors for our school and its values wherever they go.

Our parents fully support this belief. It is totally unacceptable at any time in Saint Roch's to wear sweatshirts or any other item of clothing which bears any logo other than the school crest. Jewellery is not allowed to be worn under any circumstances.

Pupils are expected to bring the school physical Education Kit to all Physical Education classes.

School Uniform

Black jumper / cardigan

Black trousers

Plain black skirt

White shirt

School tie

School blazer

Black shoes or completely black trainers (no colours)


School Blazers are available to purchase from:


The Stevenson Group

Web address

Customer enquiries should be directed to

Telephone number      0141 638 7689