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Welcome Back!!

After the recent difficult and worrying months of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been delighted to be able to welcome our pupils back this week. I would like to thank you for your patience and support of the school during these times and apologise for all the upset and time lost due to the unavoidable school closures.


You will be aware that government advice has changed frequently during this time and every such change has had implications for the school. First we were closed then we were set to open part time finally we were informed that schools would be reopening full time. Every time we received advice we had to undertake careful and time-consuming planning to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff in the school as well as set up alternative ways of supporting learning and teaching in the difficult scenarios.


Normally, I would have sent out letters informing of changes and planning but the circumstances of lockdown and the timing of proposed changes made this impossible. The best option, therefore, was to use our website and social media of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get messages out to our school community. Thankfully, this enabled us to reach the vast majority of our community and word of mouth meant that anyone without access to these could also be kept up to date.


What’s different??

There are a number of changes to how we operate as a school and pupils have all received the same presentation. Year groups were split into smaller groups for safety reasons when they first arrived in school last week to be welcomed back and brought up to date with everything. Everyone in the school is therefore aware of what to do and when to try to maintain a safe environment for pupils, staff and visitors in St Roch’s. If you would like to see the PowerPoint that was shown to all pupils (and staff) last week you’ll find it on the school website but I have summarised our new arrangements below.


There are wall mounted hand sanitising units in the building as well as sanitiser in every classroom. We have also introduced a one way system around most of the school to reduce pupils passing each other in different directions. PE activities are all taking place outside for now and the PE changing rooms are being used for pupils to change before and after PE.


Face coverings may also be worn by staff and pupils although this is not compulsory. Pupils are also being encouraged to wash hands regularly and staff are ensuring that rooms and corridors are well ventilated as well.


These changes will only be effective if everyone does their bit so please help us by encouraging your child to follow all new procedures – they should help us provide a safe learning environment for all.


Times of the School Day

Unlike most Glasgow secondary schools, all of our days are the same length:


8.50 am

School starts

12.20 pm

Lunch (S1-3)

1.05 pm

Lunch (S4-6)

3.15 pm

School finishes


If you collect your child by car, please avoid using the car parks. It causes congestion but also creates a danger to the safety of pupils as they make their way from school. There is normally adequate parking in the streets around the school although we cannot of course guarantee this. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.


Who to contact??



Depute Head

Pastoral Care


Mr Donnelly

Mrs Cuthill



Mrs Fulton

Miss Brady



Mrs Park

Mrs Stewart, Mr Strain


Mr McLaughlin

Deaf Pupils

Mr Donnelly

Mrs Millan, Miss Quinn


As always, it’s been a very busy start to the term. If you ever have any concerns or questions about your child’s education, please get in touch with the school and we will work together to make things better.





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