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If you receive an email/phone or text message from career advisers Jennifer ( / 07909001484) or Liz ( / 07770678164) it is important that you respond.  If you need any help in the meantime, then don’t hesitate to contact them.






From now on, pupils in all Glasgow schools will not be able to use cash to pay for school meals. Payment must be made by BACS transfer. This is because Fuel Zone staff will not be allowed to handle both cash and food for hygiene reasons.


The letter below (from GCC) outlines exactly what you should do if you wish your child to use the fuel zone and they are not entitled to a free school meal – please read this carefully.


Those entitled to free school meals will not be affected by this change – your meals will continue to be provided free of charge.


There will be no provision at all for breakfast or interval this week (lunchtime only) but the full service will resume from Monday 17th August.





Dear Parent/Carer

School Meals Payments Interim Arrangements


Glasgow City Council is driven to reduce the exposure to cash handling in our establishments and during the academic session 2020/21, we will be introducing an online payment system in our schools for all purchases including trips, concert tickets, uniforms and school meals. However, as Glasgow has a substantial number of establishments, this will take some time to implement across the city.

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, concerns around cash handling have been heightened and therefore, we will be making some changes to our meals payments processes.

Interim Procedures

We will be introducing interim measures to remove cash handling for the payment of school meals.

Please note that the free school meal and morning provision will revert to the pre lockdown eligibility criteria.

How payments will be made

From 17 August, schools will not accept cash for school meals and morning provisions. Payment will be by BACS transfer only. Payments will be made:

  • in advance - parents can pay weekly/monthly/termly (see table of payment rates)
  • by BACS transfer
  • by the close of business on the Friday, for the following week (the first payment will be due by Friday 14 August)
  • using unique reference numbers per child (one for morning provisions and one for lunches)


What this means for parents

You must contact your child’s school who will provide you with the unique reference number(s) for your child.  These will be provided to you by email for clarity.

When making a payment, you must include your child’s reference number. If you do not do so, the payment will not be traceable.


Reference Numbers

Each child will have two unique reference numbers. One for morning provision payments and one for lunch payments. Each reference will consist of 13 characters. For example, 123B123456789 and 123L123456789. If your child only has morning provision or lunch, you will only require the one appropriate reference number. If they have both morning provision and lunch, you will require both.

Please note that as this is an interim process, you will require to make separate payments for both morning provision and lunch for each child.



Payment Table



Morning provisions



No of Days




No of Days











1 week




1 week




4 weeks




4 weeks




To October Break




To October Break




Term 1




Term 1




Term 2




Term 2




Term 3




Term 3




Full Year




Full Year





Rate = £1.90 per day


Rate =

£2 per day


Term 1

17 Aug - 22 Dec inc


To October Break

17 Aug - 8 Oct inc


Term 2

6 Jan - 1 Apr inc


Term 3

19 Apr - 24 June inc


Please note that we are unable to accept cash for school meals and no refunds will be made for non-attendance.



Welcome Back!!

After the recent difficult and worrying months of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been delighted to be able to welcome our pupils back this week. I would like to thank you for your patience and support of the school during these times and apologise for all the upset and time lost due to the unavoidable school closures.


You will be aware that government advice has changed frequently during this time and every such change has had implications for the school. First we were closed then we were set to open part time finally we were informed that schools would be reopening full time. Every time we received advice we had to undertake careful and time-consuming planning to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff in the school as well as set up alternative ways of supporting learning and teaching in the difficult scenarios.


Normally, I would have sent out letters informing of changes and planning but the circumstances of lockdown and the timing of proposed changes made this impossible. The best option, therefore, was to use our website and social media of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get messages out to our school community. Thankfully, this enabled us to reach the vast majority of our community and word of mouth meant that anyone without access to these could also be kept up to date.


What’s different??

There are a number of changes to how we operate as a school and pupils have all received the same presentation. Year groups were split into smaller groups for safety reasons when they first arrived in school last week to be welcomed back and brought up to date with everything. Everyone in the school is therefore aware of what to do and when to try to maintain a safe environment for pupils, staff and visitors in St Roch’s. If you would like to see the PowerPoint that was shown to all pupils (and staff) last week you’ll find it on the school website but I have summarised our new arrangements below.


There are wall mounted hand sanitising units in the building as well as sanitiser in every classroom. We have also introduced a one way system around most of the school to reduce pupils passing each other in different directions. PE activities are all taking place outside for now and the PE changing rooms are being used for pupils to change before and after PE.


Face coverings may also be worn by staff and pupils although this is not compulsory. Pupils are also being encouraged to wash hands regularly and staff are ensuring that rooms and corridors are well ventilated as well.


These changes will only be effective if everyone does their bit so please help us by encouraging your child to follow all new procedures – they should help us provide a safe learning environment for all.


Lunchtimes are now staggered to reduce the number of pupils using the fuel zone and social areas at the same time. Furthermore, all Glasgow schools have introduced a system of BACs transfer for paying for school lunches in advance. Information was sent out on our website, Twitter and Instagram about this. It should be noted that this change does not affect pupils entitled to a free school meal – it only affects those pupils paying for items in the Fuel Zone. Finally, the Fuel Zone will now resume a full service at breakfast, interval and lunchtimes. If you would like to pay for school lunches in this way, you should phone the school for your child’s unique reference number(s). You will then receive an email with the following details:

School Meals Payments


Thank you for contacting us regarding meals payments for your child ……….

The unique reference for morning provision payments is    















The unique reference for lunch payments is -















Please note that separate payments must be made for both morning provision and lunches and the relevant reference must be quoted when making any payment.  If you do not, your payment will be untraceable.

The bank details for payment are:

Bank:                          Royal Bank of Scotland

Account Name:           School Meals BACs Payments

Sort Code:                   83-44-00

Account Number:       10836470


Times of the School Day

Unlike most Glasgow secondary schools, all of our days are the same length:


8.50 am

School starts

12.20 pm

Lunch (S1-3)

1.05 pm

Lunch (S4-6)

3.15 pm

School finishes


If you collect your child by car, please avoid using the car parks. It causes congestion but also creates a danger to the safety of pupils as they make their way from school. There is normally adequate parking in the streets around the school although we cannot of course guarantee this. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.


New Year, New Faces

I am delighted to welcome a large number of new staff to St Roch’s this term. The teachers below have joined us and have settled quickly into the school.


Mr Woods, Home Economics           Ms Cameron, Science

Mr Gallacher, English                           Mr Wallace, Social Subs

Ms Hamid, ICT                                       Ms Skinner, Mod Lang

Ms Martin, Maths                                Ms Martin, Chemistry

Ms Brown, Fac Head Science            Mr Speirs, Modern Languages

Ms McGuire, PE

Who to contact??



Depute Head

Pastoral Care


Mr Donnelly

Mrs Cuthill



Mrs Fulton

Miss Brady



Mrs Park

Mrs Stewart, Mr Strain


Mr McLaughlin

Deaf Pupils

Mr Donnelly

Mrs Millan, Miss Quinn


As always, it’s been a very busy start to the term. If you ever have any concerns or questions about your child’s education, please get in touch with the school and we will work together to make things better.





iPad Accessability Guide - Accessibility Settings

iPad Accessability Guide - Microsoft Translator

iPad Accessability Guide - Safari    iPad Accessability Guide - Word Online

iPad Accesability Guide - Microsoft Word


         Transition Information for new S1

All About St Roch’s


Skill Development Scotland

During COVID-19, Skills Development Scotland firstly hope that you are all keeping safe and well and wish to remind you that we are continuing to support individuals with their career planning via different channels of communication. Careers Advisers Jennifer Reilly and Liz Foy are available to support pupils during these uncertain times by phone and  email.  We will also be following up all leavers to get updates and provide any necessary support

Please contact us at:

Jennifer Reilly  Mobile: 07909001484 and Email: and Liz Foy Mobile:07770678164  and Email:
Many thanks

Jennifer Reilly

Careers Adviser

Skills Development Scotland




To keep up to date please download the Show My Homework App which is free. You will then be sent push notifications to let you know what homework has been issued to your child. All S1 - S4 pupils have been given a letter for parents/guardians with parental login details attached.



S1 and S2 Internet Safety

Faculty of Business Education and Computer Science pupils working with our new campus policeman.




St Roch's new Football Pitch

Our amazing new 3G football pitch is nearing completion. It measures in at 100m by 60m and meets SFA regulations/standards which means it meets the requirements to play professional football games on it. It is estimated to be finished by the Easter holidays. We are all very excited to use this new pitch and today we got to try it out for the first time.

The workers still have some work to do such as laying a couple more rolls of grass, cut in the marking for the pitch and they also need to spread 30 tons of sand across it and put in rubber pellets to make the grass not slippy and safe for us to use.






All of the workers have worked extremely really hard to make this wonderful plan work and they are doing a great job. The workers let us sit on some of the machines to see how some of the work might look from their point of view.






In the end we had so much fun learning from the project manager and the workers. We got to try it out for the first time today and we had loads of fun. We are looking forward to seeing the football pitch coming to life.











Saint Roch's Parent Council fun day pics



Senior Deaf students on vocational training at RSBi


You are warmly invited to this mass which is offered in thanks fao all involved in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese.


S3 pupils working on their E-portfolios




Fair Trade Ambassador - Mrs McEachen






Noella Kunda - Euan Barley Award winner for Positively Supporting Others





Parent Council - Mrs Hewitt receiving the Lord Provost award



















Broadcast Operator Apprenticeships @ BBC (Various Locations)

UK media jobs & paid internships in TV (runners, production crew) Journalism (editorial assistants, reporters), PR & more. Advice for graduates & students.


City of Glasgow college applications.

If your applying for for a full time course commencing 28 August 2017 applications will open  from January 25th 2017. see link below





TESCO Bags of Help - Grant Ref No: 7069
Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

WOW, we came first and will get £12,000


"We are delighted to let you know that following the Tesco Bags of Help vote in your local Tesco stores, your project came first and has been chosen by Tesco Customers to receive a grant award of £12,000.00!"

Voting was held at Tesco stores between Monday 31st October 2016 and Sunday 13th November 2016 and proved to be hugely successful with over 6 million votes being cast by Tesco Customers across England, Scotland and Wales.


Meet the School Parent Council

Funding we have secured and paid out over the last year or so

Funding Secured:-

£4000 secured to assist with London trip June 2015

Successful Table Top sale. Raised just over £300 for Costa Rica Trip – November 2015

£100 secured to assist with the Senior Citizen Christmas Lunch December 2015

£400 secured for Panto Trip December 2015

£500 secured to assist with Grease Production – June 2016

£4000 secured to assist with the Costa Rica Trip – June 2016

£2500 secured to assist with school garden project


Awarded from own funds:-

£100 to 2 pupils travelling to Lourdes 2015

£100 towards Grease Production

Senior Citizen Christmas Lunch 2015 – paid balance

£400 towards school trip to Paris

Supported purchase of school hoodies for 6th year pupils

2 x £20 vouchers at awards ceremony 2015 & 2016

Congratulations to Ben Matovu who won the Power Transformation Challenge.

Powering Transformation is a programme developed by The Transformation Trust, and supported by Dell. This exciting programme gave pupils an opportunity to identify a local issue whether it was in school or in the community and come up with an IT based Solution. The challenge was run for 4 weeks with Ms Hanif and Dell Volunteers assisted. Every pupil participated very well in it and there were many fantastic ideas to solve many issues that affect our everyday lives.













Saint Roch's Harriers - Great Scottish Run

Well done everybody. Great effort.yes

Bike Academy

The Bike Station Academy is a project focused on training young people between the ages of 15 - 21. St Rochs became involved in this project last year with four pupils completing the award. The group are trained in fields such as cycle mechanics and enterprise skills. The Bike Station are aiming to help them set up a community bike hub which can cater for the local area and promote cycling to the people that live there.

GO for it

Saint Roch's Choir


Bags of Help Initiative

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help initiative across Scotland. The scheme will see three community groups and projects (and we're one of them!) awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge.  Greenspace Scotland are working with Groundwork to support Scottish communities.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags.

The public will now vote in store from 31 October to 13 November on who should receive the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards. In total, there is over £12.5 million up for grabs.

You can vote for St Roch's in store and the pupils of the school will benefit directly from this initiative.

See the Bags of Help website -

 A big thank you to the St. Roch's Secondary Parent Teacher Council who made a successful application to the Trades House of Glasgow Commonwealth Fund. The finance will be used to contribute to the production of 'Grease' which takes place in St. Roch's Secondary School on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th June 2016. Cast from the show were presented with the cheque from the Deacon Convener at a special awards ceremony in the Trade Hall in Glasgow. They were accompanied by Ms Simpson and Ms Hewitt from the Parent Teacher Council.


ATTENTION ALL S4 and S5 pupils

Hi All

Just in case you are unaware, the expression of interest Survey Monkey form for next terms college options is live on the Glasgow Online website

Can you please let your pupils know that if they are interested then they should fill out the Level 4-7 Survey on this page


The survey closes at the end of March and we will let you or your pupils know at that time what option they have been successful in gaining a place on in order for them to complete the College participation form

Under-18's St Roch's Panthers Basketball Team, winners of the Glasgow and Surrounding Areas Senior Boys League competition after remaining undefeated throughout the season.

S3 prefects with Archbishop Tartaglia @ Secondary Schools Mass



St Rochs at FMQT
Recently, S5/6 Higher Modern Studies pupils from Saint Roch’s Secondary were given
the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh for an exciting visit to the Scottish Parliament
to take part in First Minister’s question time.

The event planned and organised by the Social Subjects Department, gave every pupil,
during this trip, the opportunity to sit in on First Minister’s Question Time where they
witnessed a very heated debate about the on-going problems and policies in Scottish

They were also given an in-depth tour of the Parliament whilst learning about its history,
but more importantly, had the chance to meet the First Minister – Nicola Sturgeon – herself.

The First Minister gave up her own time to sit with the pupils and answer any questions the pupils had. Everyone had the opportunity to take photos, ask her questions about recent news media and their assignment topics, but more importantly what they had witnessed during question time.

All pupils were highly interactive and commended as great ambassadors for the school and had made a very good impression on the First Minister.

Exciting and appealing, the event was a valuable experience and it was fantastic to acknowledge and observe pupils getting involved and broadcasting their own opinions on Scottish politics.









Career Ready UK
Two senior pupils from St Roch’s RC Secondary are undertaking a 2 year programme through Career Ready UK aimed at enhancing employability skills and become ‘career ready.’ Emma Rose Forster and Sarah Lewsley (pictured above with GCC Chief Executive Annemarie O’Donnell) started the programme last year and it runs through to 2016.

Each of the girls has undertaken a 4 week internship working with Glasgow City Council and are now paired up with personal mentors who will support them through to the conclusion of the programme.
Sarah worked with the Invoice Processing Team and Emma Rose worked in a variety of teams including Accounts Payable, Payroll Support and HR Transactions. During the final week of their internship, each girl made a presentation to the leadership team outlining their experience and aligning it with their own plans for development moving forward.
The girls were, as always, a credit to the school and have gained invaluable experience of today’s workplace. Career Ready? They are now!



Congratulations to Kieran McLaughlin of S3. Kieran won the Power Transformation mini challenge working in partnership with Dell by engaging with a problem in his community and inventing a creative technological solution. Power Transformation were very impressed with his idea of oxygen zones to help stop the public’s health being damaged by pollution. It was original, professionally presented, and addressed a prominent issue: how pollution has an adverse effect on our communities, not just plant or non-human animal based ecosystems. Well Done Kieran!

S4 Collection for Calais second hand clothes

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